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Solitaire Classics Free

開発者 TanKav

Solitaire variations are one of the most popular card games and it is now available free for your smart phone.Solitaire games that requires skill, strategy and patience to win. A true brain training experience.
Solitaire Classic: Classic Solitaire card game(also known as Klondike or Patience), the most popular version of Solitaire. Game Play: After dealing a single deck, try to move card in the ascending order to the foundation cells to win. Klondike(Patience) is available with Solitaire draw 1 card and draw 3 card options.
FreeCell Solitaire: FreeCell Solitaire adds a new dimension in strategy classic Klondike.
Game Play: After dealing a single deck, use the free cell spots as place holders as you try to move all of the cards to win. Just like Klondike you must move cards from the tableau to the foundation cell in ascending order. With right strategy most of the FreeCell games can be solved.
Forty Thieves: Forty Thieves adds a new tougher dimension in strategy classic Solitaire (Klondike or Patience)
Game Play: The goal is to build the foundation up in suit in ascending order. 40 cards are placed on table and hence the name. Only one card can be moved at any time. It requires lots of patience and strategy to win.
You have played solitaire on your computer and now you can play Solitaire, FreeCell and Forty Thieves, anywhere at any time of the day in one single App!
FEATURES: - Random games - Game state saved when interrupted - Option to save your current game, to play when you comeback - Unlimited Undo - Auto complete to finish the game - Statistics - Tap to move or drag and drop - Tablet Support - Vegas scoring - Solitaire Klondike, Solitaire FreeCell and Forty Thieves, all Free with this App.
Brain Training with classic Solitaire variants.
Put your card playing strategy to test and download the App Now !!
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